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Reusable Poly Bags and Poly Mailers

PreZero Packaging services Grocery, Retail and E-Commerce businesses.  We provide sustainable packaging solutions that support the planet and the bottom line of our clients.

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At PreZero US Packaging, waste integration is at the core of our business model.

We use post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins that we process at our own facilities in the USA and infuse that material into our bags and mailers to create a high-quality end product for our customers.  PreZero bags are designed for multiple re-use and meet all state requirements pertaining to post-consumer recycled content and bag durability. The PCR we use in our products is certified by an independent third party as 100% post-consumer.

In addition, our reusable bags elevate the brand image of our customers with superior quality and graphics while causing no unnecessary harm to the environment.

An integral part of the re-use model is grocers and retailers taking the opportunity to encourage their customers to bring their bags back for their next shopping experience. Given both societal and legislative shifts, there is no better time to implement sustainability into your business’s packaging solutions.  We will help educate and supply you with bags and mailers that represent your brand and that will meet or exceed any regulations set forth by local ordinances.  Together with our customers, PreZero is proud to inspire and implement solutions for the plastic waste crisis.

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