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A global recycler with a holistic approach

Our State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our State-of-the-Art Facility

The Environmental Campus in Jurupa Valley, CA has three buildings on site that total 300,000 square feet, making this facility the hub for all our material processing operations.  We are currently processing film bales (Grades A & B), as well as mixed rigid plastic bales into high-quality LDPE, PP and PE resins to be used in manufacturing.  We will also be using this facility for our state-of-the-art black soldier fly operation to process organic waste on an industrial scale.  The Jurupa Valley site will be the blueprint that will lead the way for similar facilities as we expand across the US.

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Waste Integration

As part of our vertical integration strategy, we have acquired a reusable poly bag and mailer company to integrate the resins from our facilities into finished products.  Our bag and mailer manufacturing operation is located in Oroville, California and services grocery, retail, and e-commerce businesses across North America.

Adding manufacturing as part of our internal capacities allows for more continuity in the recycling stream; an essential element of efficient recycling systems.  As we continue to build out our facilities, we will also have the capacity to process the same bags we produce back into resins and into bags again, creating a closed loop.

The PreZero business model calls for us to continue to add production into our core capacities and therefore make progress in closing the loop for the valuable materials we handle.

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Reverse Logistics Solutions

PreZero recognizes the importance of efficiency in the supply chain and reducing empty miles. That is why we work closely with our customers to make sure they are optimizing their hauls. We believe in taking a holistic approach to your business and suggest solutions that a make your business better by implementing backhaul programs that help the triple bottom line.

We also have extensive experience managing warehouses for external partners. To engage in such contracts, we require large volumes of material, a minimum 12-month agreement, and the agreement would need to follow a service processing model. In addition to managing our pillar commodities, organics and plastics, PreZero also handles sorting and baling of other valuable materials (fibers, aluminum, pallets, etc.) and our partners are rebated accordingly.

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Detailed Reporting

PreZero One-Source Reports show our customers all weights, quantities, revenue, and costs associated with their materials for any selected time frame. The reports also generate an environmental impact statement (EIS) with calculations obtained directly from the EPA. Customers can share these figures both internally and externally to illustrate their commitment to supporting circular economy. One-Source Executive Management Reports show the information summarized by location, selected districts, regions, or divisions and provides detailed comparisons for any given time frame. With total traceability you're better able to manage your materials and therefore make the adjustments needed to benefit both the bottom line and the environment.

Our unique reporting system can also assist in compliance with state regulations across the US.  For example, the state of California continues to move towards ambitious waste reduction goals and it is becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to accurately report on their diversion. Our reports provide all the information companies will need to comply with state mandates.  Reports also help with cost savings and reaching environmental impact goals that yield competitive advantage.  Whatever your company’s reporting needs, we will make sure you have the information you need to be successful.