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The PreZero US Blog is here to provide insight into topics that concern our business and our customers.  We hope you enjoy and gain some valuable insight!

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What do boy bands and plastic bags have in common?

After all, it’s gonna be May!

Bag bill with a red slash through it

Plastic Bag Bans: What They Are and Why They Don’t Work

Are plastic bag bans? In theory, yes. In reality, no. Learn why they backfire, no matter how well-intended.

man cutting down a tree with a chainsaw

Paper v. Plastic: Paper Bags Use Natural Resources

It might surprise you to learn paper bags use more natural resources than plastic bags to create more. Learn more at PreZero.

Paper and plastic bag with a question mark on top

Paper v. Plastic: It’s No Contest

Many of us have been taught to always pick paper....but are they REALLY better than plastic bags?

Drone shot of PZ US

PreZero: Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to the PreZero Blog! Let us tell you about our company.

Reuseable Plastic Bag next to Paper Bag

Paper or Reusable Plastic Bags

Is one better than the other?