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PreThink Recycling

By assessing the entire lifecycle of disposable materials, we can create the best possible recycling solutions.

PreZero Culture

The PreZero Philosophy

Zero-Waste won’t happen overnight. PreZero is where we start. PreZero operates on the idea that the circular economy is attainable through innovation & collaboration. A circular economy is an alternative to the traditional throw-away culture that has developed in our society. Instead, we give value to waste by thinking differently.

It is not enough to simply recycle in the traditional sense. We strive to generate added value by working together with top industry experts. Through collaboration, we can develop solutions for all valuable waste streams.

Pillars of PreZero

In 2018, PreZero US began operations in the US by acquiring a recycling services company in Southern California. Within the Southern California region, PreZero’s service arm specializes in providing recycling programs for organics, plastics and fibers coming from commercial businesses.

PreZero has joined the fight against plastic pollution by partnering with ACI Plastics to develop innovative facilities that will process, formerly, difficult to recycle plastics.

PreZero US is a subsidiary of international recycling leader GreenCycle Stiftung & Co. KG. In addition to the US, PreZero has operations throughout Europe. As the result of expansion efforts, our company is now operational in nine countries, with over 3,500 employees and 90 locations.