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Building effective plastics recycling systems


The PreZero Process

PreZero US is processing plastic waste into valuable raw materials on an industrial scale at our Environmental Campus in Jurupa Valley, CA.  We accept baled LDPE/LLDPE film (Grades A & B), as well as mixed rigid plastic bales that meet our required specifications. 

For film, we have designed our system to remove labels, glue and non-LDPE plastics.  For our mixed rigid plastic lines, we use sorting technology that has only become available recently and we are the first to bring it to market.  A final blending procedure ensures that the final product resins are consistent from batch to batch.

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Waste Integration in Poly Bags and Mailers

PreZero takes the recycling process a step further by integrating the LDPE resin we produce at our facilities into reusable poly bags and mailers for grocery, retail, and e-commerce businesses across North America.  The manufacturing arm of our business is PreZero US Packaging and is located in Oroville, California. We are also currently working on strategies to recover this material to ensure circularity for the products we manufacture. While we do supply LDPE resins to our Packaging division, our facilities produce the volume necessary to supply external partners as well.

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