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Zero Waste at PreZero US

A closed loop where each cycle strengthens the next

What is Zero Waste?

More than a target: Zero waste is a philosophy. And not a new one either – nature has always operated on a Zero Waste policy. All wildlife eventually returns to the earth where it sustains and strengthens the next cycle. Now more than ever, we face a need to conserve our scarce resources and minimize unnecessary wastage. To live in harmony with our environment, all we need to do is learn from it.

Road to Zero Waste: If we want to get serious about sustainability, we’ll need a solid Zero Waste strategy. By definition, Zero Waste does not mean no more waste at all – the goal is to reduce all avoidable waste to zero, conserve natural resources, maximize reuse and recycling, and minimize residual waste.

By plugging the gaps in our production cycles, eliminating inefficiencies, and properly managing resources, we can create a solid basis for a circular economy and start reducing avoidable waste almost all the way to zero.

Zero Waste in today’s world

Today, society is placing more and more importance on resource conservation and waste avoidance. Efforts to close recycling loops are gaining momentum – with both companies and their consumers actively pushing for more sustainable processes.

An efficiently run circular economy is the objective – a closed loop where each cycle strengthens the next. A solid Zero Waste strategy can not only help companies with sustainable resource management, but it can also help maximize business potential.

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