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Overview of classifications

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A Grade

We accept post-consumer material that consists of 95% clean, dry, clear, natural LDPE or LLDPE film. Minimal amount of HDPE allowed. 

b grade plastics bale stapled

B Grade 

We accept post-consumer B-Grade material that consists of 80% clear, up to 20% color, clean, natural LDPE and/or LLDPE films. Minimal amount of HDPE or strapping allowed.

Mixed & Bulky Rigid Plastics

Mixed & Bulky Rigid Plastics

(HDPE #2, PP #5)

We accept Mixed Rigid Plastics (MRP) bales and bulky rigid plastics. These grades primarily consist of non-bottle PE and PP bulky rigid plastic items such as plastic drums, crates, buckets, baskets, toys, refuse totes, and lawn furniture typically collected in a residential recycling MRF.