Investment Strategy

Let’s Make the Circular Economy
a Reality

We are engaging stakeholders that operate on multiple levels.

Business opportunities

Through strategic partnerships, joint ventures, investments and acquisitions, we can build the infrastructure to make a difference. We foster these types of relationships with companies of all sizes, waste haulers, recycling facilities and cities.

Green Energy


PreZero US conducts all its business with the goal of moving society closer to a zero-waste future.

We are currently in the process of implementing a viable solution for organic waste that produces animal feed and soil nutrient. We’re looking to build more programs like this to make use of valuable waste streams.

In the plastics recycling space, we have partnered with ACI Plastics to develop facilities in both Southern California and South Carolina that will process both plastic film and bulky rigids.

Future Partners

We want to know what you’re working on. Fill out the contact form and let’s start building a zero-waste future together.